Are You Following These Best Practices for Microsoft Azure Deployment?

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Although Microsoft is best known for their Windows platform, their foray into cloud computing has shaken up the industry a bit by providing system administrators with additional contender to build their applications around. While knowing how to utilize cloud based monitoring systems within your infrastructure is an essential skill for any system administrator, when you use Microsoft Azure, there are specific best practices you can take to ensure you are getting the most from those platforms.

Microsoft Azure Diagram

Build Scalable Systems

By using load testing tools such as Visual Studio and Apache JMeter, system administrators can run controlled tests on applications to ensure that they are built to handle various scenario…

Why Your IT Monitoring Strategy Should Include Synthetic and User Monitoring

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Your site may have already felt the scary aftereffects of a mobile or shopping experience gone wrong this past holiday season…without even knowing it.

In fact, Google reported 20% lost revenue and traffic from a mere half a second increase in page load time*. You don’t need to be reminded of the lost revenue, brand reputation damage and inconsistent user experiences that could hit your company big…in just seconds. Your users determine the success of your business, which is why it is vital to ensure quality Web and mobile performance on an ongoing basis.


But should your monitoring strategy be totally representative of data from your users…the livelihood of your site? One would think so, but you may be s…

Learning to Manage the Data from Wearables and Internet of Things Devices

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The recent International CES introduced a variety of technologies which are likely going to cause many professionals to shift their focus from stable traditional servers to cloud systems built for dynamic loads as time goes on. Two of the the biggest trends for system administrators to pay attention to are the Internet of things and wearable technology since these will be significant sources of data in the coming decades.

Wearable Technologies in Life Saving Roles

No longer just glorified pedometers or gadgets designed to help fitness buffs improve their workouts, at the recent CES, vendors showed off numerous platforms designed to allow consumers to gain valuable insights to their health through devic…

Website Performance Benchmarks from Site24x7

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It’s no secret that website performance goes hand in hand with website success. Visitor expectations on website performance are constantly rising, with studies showing that 40%  of people admit to abandoning sites that take more than three seconds  to load. A shocking statistic considering that the average web page takes 7.25 seconds to load, over double the expectation.

Here at Site24x7 we  specialize in unified website monitoring from the cloud. In this blog  post we’re going to talk you through our powerful Website Performance  Benchmarks tool, and why Site24x7 is the perfect choice to improve your  site performance!

Website Performance Benchmarks help answer all of the questi

How Server Storage Area Networks Fit Into Modern Infrastructure?

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In today’s world where significant strains are being placed on datacenters today, storage will always be one of the biggest concerns system administrators need to tackle in their daily routines. With an increased focus on performance optimization, especially on Linux servers as discussed previously, system administrators need to consider all possible options to improving their networks in order to avoid not keeping pace with the industry.

Server Storage Area Networks and Modern Infrastructure

Although it isn’t something most professionals would think of immediately, server storage area networks are becoming one of the most cost effective ways to improve performance while still keeping your workload manageable.

What is a Server Storage Area Netwo…