Things to know when using Cloud Based Server Monitoring

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For any  successful IT Team, it is vital that the server monitoring solution should be top-notch. But have you ever wondered what capabilities to check when evaluating a cloud based server monitoring vendor, apart from the usual monitoring and alerting?

Try asking the following questions.

1) Will your architecture need me to punch holes in my firewall?

2) How secure is my data stored at your end?

3) How do you avert false alerts when there is a network problem in your data center or when there is a problem in our end?

4) How quickly are corrective or On-demand actions in the server carried out?

5) Will there be costs surprises when I have to scale up?

6) Being a cloud service, do you have a usable mobile app?

Be assured t

Site24x7 Subnet Calculator for IPv4 and IPv6: Network IP Calculations Made Simple

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Is your organization’s rising network security concern making you think of subnetting it? Site24x7 IPv4 subnet calculator and IPv6 subnet calculator free online tools make your task simple. For the given network address block, Site24x7 IPv4 calculator provides the number of subnets, hosts, broadcast address, host range, wildcard mask and CIDR notation at a glance.



If your organization is IPv6 enabled, you’ve probably obtained a /48 block from your ISP. With our IPv6 calculator you can split this up for use at different branches, DMZs for servers, Internet access gateways for employees etc. You can then use IPV6’s dedicated subnet bits to split up your LAN.

Best Practices for Hardening Your Cloud Instances

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions have been a boon to system administrators due to the versatility it offers datacenter professionals. Unfortunately the dynamic nature of cloud solutions makes them difficult to maintain. When instances are being created on the fly, security often becomes an afterthought. Fortunately you can use the guide below to ensure that you and your staff are aware of the best ways to secure cloud instances whether they are used for short or long term projects.


Remote Access

The threats

One of the biggest threats to any system is remote access. With regardless of the methods you use to access your server, be it a VPN, remote desktop, remote shell or a web console, poor credenti…

Site24x7 Status Pages: Redefine Business Transparency

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Lets face it, downtime cannot be avoided, but if handled well, can bring a sense of security and trust among customers. Business transparency goes a long way, as It is critical to keep your customers informed about the availability and maintenance schedules of your services which helps in nullifying a case of an unexpected downtime that could prove costly both in terms of business and goodwill.

Communication is key

Site24x7’s pubic status page features helps you communicate with your customers well in advance about any upcoming interruption in the service helping them forecast performance and plan accordingly. Another USP of our service is the fact that even if your domain is down due to problems w

A Season in Review: 2014 Holiday Ecommerce

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Retailers needed to pull out more tricks in 2014 to get shoppers in the virtual aisles, relying more on IT and less on traditional strategies of years past, and the strategies worked in a big way. Record numbers for e-commerce, with holiday shopping across US and Europe approaching $130 billion (Source: Forrester Research). Online sales, particularly of the mobile variety, ruled the 2014 holiday shopping season, bringing hungry consumers in droves to retailers’ websites.


Let’s take a look at the past year’s holiday season performance – by the numbers.

Black Friday Turns Into “Black Week”

The 2014 season flipped around camping outdoors for the best bargains during one day into week-long, ext…