Website Performance Benchmarks from Site24x7

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It’s no secret that website performance goes hand in hand with website success. Visitor expectations on website performance are constantly rising, with studies showing that 40%  of people admit to abandoning sites that take more than three seconds  to load. A shocking statistic considering that the average web page takes 7.25 seconds to load, over double the expectation.

Here at Site24x7 we  specialize in unified website monitoring from the cloud. In this blog  post we’re going to talk you through our powerful Website Performance  Benchmarks tool, and why Site24x7 is the perfect choice to improve your  site performance!

Website Performance Benchmarks help answer all of the questi

How Server Storage Area Networks Fit Into Modern Infrastructure?

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In today’s world where significant strains are being placed on datacenters today, storage will always be one of the biggest concerns system administrators need to tackle in their daily routines. With an increased focus on performance optimization, especially on Linux servers as discussed previously, system administrators need to consider all possible options to improving their networks in order to avoid not keeping pace with the industry.

Server Storage Area Networks and Modern Infrastructure

Although it isn’t something most professionals would think of immediately, server storage area networks are becoming one of the most cost effective ways to improve performance while still keeping your workload manageable.

What is a Server Storage Area Netwo…

On-Premise Poller: A handy tool

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Monitoring intranet and internet URLs, services, servers and applications ​ behind the firewall is possible using a tech ​handy tool like Site24x7 On-Premise Poller. The tool gathers metrics such as ​availability, response time, performance metrics and through put from the services running in your intranet​ or private network.


Four reasons why ​you need On-Premise Poller

Monitor critical applications from behind the firewall

Start monitoring services behind the firewall. Install the Site24x7 On-Premise Poller within the intranet, and it acts as a monitoring  location.

For example, say you want to monitor a payroll portal which is accessible from only within the intranet​. You can i…

Sneak Peek on New Admin Tab

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Making Site24x7 easier and faster to administer has always been our important focus. The Site24x7 team is proud to provide you a sneak peak on our upcoming release  of the new and improved Admin Tab.  We are providing a guide on the changes you can expect in our upcoming release. You can also learn about these changes from our help docs and watch the video below for a quick demo.

What’s New With The Upcoming Site24x7 Admin Tab? We’re cutting the marketing speak and getting right to the point, we want to give you something you can just use, and just works.

1. Accessibility

The new admin section now has a sidebar to simplify the adding and managing part of monitors while providing a simple interface to quick

The Importance of Performance Monitoring In Preventing Attacks

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In today’s era of cloud applications it can be tempting to provide users with an API to enable additional functionality on your website. Unfortunately as discussed in a previous article, when done improperly, such functionality can pose a significant threat to your company. Aside from the permissions aspects, another way attackers can use an API to gain unauthorized access to your server is by gaining sensitive information by overloading your servers.

The Evolution of DoS Attacks

Denial of Service (DoS) attacks alone typically do nothing more than bring systems to a halt. Today however, attackers have found ways to use DDoS attacks combined with other tactics as a way to gain access to networks witho