Site24x7 Website Performance Benchmarks Launched

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Oracle OpenWorld 2014 saw the launch of the new website performance benchmarks feature. Available immediately, this feature helps any user set performance goals by letting them compare their websites’ performance and availability with the top 20, best-performing websites globally in 20 different industries, including retail, e-commerce, and health care. Users do not need to be Site24x7 customers to use Site24x7 Benchmarks.

Visit Site24x7 at Oracle OpenWorld 2014 in the ManageEngine booth 2401

Read more about the launch.

Feature Overview:

  • View the average response time and availability of top 20 global websites from USA, UK, China, France and Germany

  • Various verticals like finance, media,

Make Your Data Center LEED Compliant

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Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications are one of the hottest topics in facilities management industry today. Considering how data centers often use significant amounts of energy on a daily basis, anything which can reduce energy consumption can cause significant savings immediately. While there are many ways to improve your data center operations, energy efficiency is a complex topic because it has a significant impact on the operating capacity of your facility. Fortunately by following LEED data center standards you can improve energy usage while following a standard even non-technical customers will respect.

The offer of server services

What is LEED?

Depending on where you live, you may have se…

“Too Many Open Files” – Solve It Easy!

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Application errors can sometimes be very frustrating to solve, more so in a situation where you cannot pinpoint its source. Below, you’ll discover a few simple tips and tricks for resolving one error that isn’t very frequent yet a show stopper when it does strike.

Too many open files

Sound familiar? If you are an application developer, you may break into a sweat at the very mention of this error. Most of applications, at some point in their life cycles – be it in development or testing or production – have come across this error. Some might argue about its frequency; but as an application developer, you would want to avoid this error at any cost.

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Where does the error occur?

SQL vs NoSQL – Usage Conditions

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For years, SQL solutions have been the de-facto standard for most database needs, however over the past few years NoSQL has emerged as a versatile alternative designed to address the needs of developers involved with complex data projects. While NoSQL has emerged as one of the hottest technologies in the industry, SQL systems still play a vital role as they are designed to handle different types of projects. Read more about migrating NoSQL to databases and its issues.


The Definitions of SQL and NoSQL

Structured Query Language (SQL)

Since its introduction in the early 1970’s SQL has revolutionized the way applications handle stores of information. The most important feature of SQL is that it is structured…

Site24x7 – Moves to Zoho Single Sign-on

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Your favorite cloud monitoring service is now even more secure. If you have been following our blogs, you must have noticed that SIte24x7 has now joined the ‘Single Sign On’ system of (Parent company). Some quick benefits of this authentication upgrade are listed below:

  • Two-factor authentication (TFA) and stronger password enforcement policies for enhanced security of your Site24x7 account
  • IP-based restrictions to limit access to your Site24x7 account
  • Support for SAML authentication in Zoho Single Sign On, for seamless integration with Microsoft Active Directory
  • Easy access to all services
  • Single Sign On with ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus On-Demand

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