[New feature] Investigate graph spikes using APM Insight

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At Site24x7, we have always developed  tools which allow DevOps in getting to the root cause of an issue in the most efficient way. To increase this efficiency further, we have introduced a new feature in our application monitoring tool APM Insight called graph spike.

Introducing graph spike

Graph spike is a feature that enhances application monitoring capabilities to the next level. The feature allows users to select a time period during which they had experienced application performance lag and drill down to the component that is causing the issue. Users can simply click on a point in any graph that needs to be investigated further and the view shifts to show all the transactions that have occurre

Revamped Site24x7 Status Page – Boosting business transparency

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With Site24x7 Status Page, our motto has always been to communicate downtime in an open and transparent way. However, we also understand the ever increasing importance of a Status Page in fostering a stronger relationship with customers. Thus, we’ve imbibed our learnings from the past and applied it to redesign our Status Page to give it an all new look and feel. To top it all, we’ve introduced some cool new enhancements too.


Let’s discuss a scenario to help you understand about the various feature highlights in our revamped Status Page.

Bad day at work!

Ben is a technical staff at Zylker CRM, which has suffered an unexpected outage due to a sudden DDoS attack on its infrastructure. In no ti…

Introducing the all-new Site24x7 Alarms View – Incident management made easy

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At Site24x7, we’ve embarked on a journey to provide you the most flexible monitoring and alerting solution for your entire IT stack. Thus, we understand the importance of delivering actionable alerts that would inform and empower you to assess the severity and the urgency of the issue at hand. Today, we’re glad to introduce you to one of our coolest new features: Alarms View! With this new feature, you can gain better control over your alerts and effectively trim down redundant noises that cause serious fatigue to your operational staff.


Let’s get you familiarized with the core features of the Alarms View to help you effectively streamline and manage all your alerts.

Incident management

Never Give Up: Redesigning APM Insight .NET agent

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I am part of the APM Insight team a.k.a. application scientists (that’s how we’re referred within the team, and we pride over it) focusing on the .NET side of the agent. For the one’s who are new here, APM Insight is the application performance monitoring tool from Site24x7 that provides end-to-end visibility into the way web transactions behave. We support monitoring of Java, .NET, PHP and Ruby web transactions.

Is this blog for everyone? My answer would be NO? It’s a technical blog and I have taken the liberty to write it under the assumption that you are aware of what a DLL is, a bit of C++, a little bit of VC++ and to a certain extent what APM Insight is and does.

The stor

Site24x7 Rolls Out PHP Monitoring

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As one of the success stories of the open source initiative, PHP, in recent years, has carved a niche for itself with more and more developers moving toward the open source platform. This increase in usage means that there needs to be effective monitoring and reporting of issues in applications running on PHP.

Read more about Site24x7 PHP Monitoring.

Site24x7 PHP Monitoring

With Site24x7 PHP monitoring, DevOps teams get deep visibility into the performance of applications and can trace application threads to pinpoint the root causes of performance issues in PHP functions so they can be resolved before business is affected. Integrated with real-user monitoring, PHP monitoring gives real-time visibility into end users’ e…

Meet us at Jenkins World 2016

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Site24x7 is exhibiting at booth no. K18 at Jenkins World 2016, the annual gathering of DevOps practitioners using open source Jenkins. The conference held at the Santa Clara Convention Center is the largest gathering of Jenkins users in the world and is a multi-day event comprised of sessions, workshops, training and other learning opportunities. 

This is a great opportunity for you to meet and interact with our solution experts and experience Site24x7 in action by being part of in-depth and interactive product presentations and demos. Our solution experts would love to discuss with you about product tips and tricks, feature updates, how-tos, best practices, industry insights, and much more. We also hav

Monitor JavaScript errors using Site24x7 Real User Monitoring (RUM)

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JavaScript errors can be critical and can affect end user experience. It’s important to analyze all such errors and fix them appropriately before end users are affected. Using Site24x7 RUM, monitor JavaScript errors and ensure that end users experience seamless web application performance.

What are JavaScript errors?

Most internet users have encountered JavaScript errors at some stage or the other. This happens when a script in a web page contains an error or fails to execute correctly.

Increase in number of browser extensions and adware makes handling JavaScript errors very tricky. Adding to the complexity, not every error can be eliminated during the development stage, thus it’s criti…

Free Amazon Web Services (AWS) Infrastructure Designer Tool.

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Design Amazon Web Services Infrastructure Diagrams For Free.

Site24x7 Amazon Web Services Infrastructure Designer Tool

Site24x7’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure designer tool is a free, online design platform that helps you create and depict your Amazon Web Services architecture. Effortlessly create simple or complex cloud architecture diagrams in a matter of minutes, without even signing up.

The Site24x7  AWS infrastructure designer tool has two views: the resource view on the left, and the canvas view in the center, where the action happens.

Canvas: View all your AWS resources and their dependencies.

We believe in the popular adage that a blank canvas has unlimited possibilities, so don’t be put off by the absence of pre-bui

Track External Calls with Site24x7 APM Insight

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Web applications of today have become more and more complicated. They not only interact frequently using internal calls (i.e., methods or functions that are executed within the application e.g.: framework classes like Struts or Spring) but also with external servers (i.e., servers that run on a different machine or port outside the application server) such as a MySQL database making them highly prone to lags and performance issues. So, dont you think it would be great if you could track these calls and understand how they impact the performance of your application?

Using Site24x7 APM Insight, you can do just that and more. To track external calls made by each one of your transactions, all you need to do is run a

Top Tips to Eliminate Shadow IT

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In large organizations keeping systems in order and enforcing policies is one of the biggest challenges system administrators face today. Even with established policies, many organizations are struggling to address the problems from ‘shadow IT’ – the process of employees using their tools and software to perform their jobs.

Top Tips to Eliminate Shadow IT.

Following are a few ways you can overcome the threat of shadow IT within your organization:…