Is Your Data Center Ready for the Internet of Things?

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As consumers and businesses continue to adopt connected appliances, the amount of data being sent to data centers will increase astronomically. According to a recent report from Gartner by 2020 the internet of things (IoT) will encompass 26 billion units. Aside from gathering a large amount of data, these devices are a unique challenge for data center professionals to tackle because much of this data will need to be processed and analyzed in real time while still being stored in a secure fashion.


In particular the most important areas to focus on are server technologies and storage management.

 Challenges to Server Technology
Currently some of the biggest challenges in terms of server technologies lies i…

How Agile Principles Relate to System Administration

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Agile methodologies are commonly associated with development methods today, however as system operations becomes more complex, the concepts from agile development are now becoming vital for managing complex server networks. As discussed in a previous article, system administration and software development are similar to the point that a new field – DevOps – has emerged as a way for administrators to keep systems in sync regardless of whether their server cluster contains tens, hundreds or even thousands of servers.

What is Agile

Although agile principles are not mandatory for proper DevOps integration, the emphasis on rapid change is a helpful skill for virtually any system administrator. The a…

IT Web Ops Success Lies in the Hands of End-Users. Add RUM to Your Arsenal Today!

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Gone are the days when IT was primarily focused on site infrastructure and the network.

Today, user satisfaction rules, and is the ultimate measurement of IT success. Moreover, your business success and revenue depends on your ability to ensure top-notch Web and mobile performance on an ongoing basis. But then again your users are more demanding than you may think.


According to a recent Wired piece, 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less. Moreover, 40% will totally abandon a Website if it takes longer than 3 seconds.

And when it comes to mobile, your users are even more discerning with the smart device era in full swing. In fact, 85% of mobile users expect pages to load as fast as, or faster tha…

Is Your Website Ready for the Valentines Shopping Rush?

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Follow these 10 simple rules to ensure success

The mad dash of shoppers may be behind you for the 2014 holiday season, but another rush is already right around the corner.

It is time to ensure your website readiness for the next flood of shoppers: Valentine’s Day. IBM reported that online sales for the 2014 ‘season of love’ rose a brisk 8% YoY from 2013*, and that number is expected to climb in 2015.


Here are 10 quick rules to help you ensure top-notch operations and maximize revenue when users flock to your site soon seeking gifts for their sweethearts:

  • Identify geographical discrepancies. Arm yourself with information from Real User Monitoring (RUM) and data from Site24x7 proactive Web performance moni

The awesome power of AngularJS and Ember.js

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Over recent years, we’ve seen a staggering rise in the popularity of rich internet applications (RIA) like Google Drive, Flikr, Facebook and Google Maps. These browser-based applications, with much of the functionality we’d historically have expected only from a piece of desktop software, have not only been made possible by enormous leaps forward in technology…but also the use of development frameworks.


These changes have transformed the landscape for web developers. You’ll probably remember that, once upon a time, deploying a web project was as simple as uploading static HTML, CSS and JavaScript files to a HTTP server. But, the trend towards large scale, rich web applicat…