The Heartbleed Bug is Zapped – Site24x7 is Secured

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You may have heard or read online in the past couple of days, a security vulnerability nick-named “Heartbleed” that was discovered in OpenSSL. This is the secure communication between your computer and the servers hosting the web pages you view online.


The good news is that all the Site24x7 servers are patched, and your data is safe. This operation was completed on April 10, 2014 after the news broke out. ​We renewed our SSL certificates too. So, we are no longer vulnerable.

However, as an additional measure of security we would like you to change your Site24x7 account passwords. Precaution is better than cure after all.

We will update this post, as and when we have more i…

Best Practices: Building a Culture of Web Performance Optimization (WPO)

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With over 31,000 members and 91 Meetup groups across 65 cities and 23 countries, the Web performance community is blossoming. This should be no surprise to IT pros, since Web speed impacts user experience and conversion rates, Website stickiness, page search rankings and organic traffic, all of which have a tremendous impact on customer loyalty, revenue, brand, and overall business bottom-line.

If building a culture of Web performance optimization is new for you or your organization here are some quick tips to help you get started:

Start with metrics:

Establish your initial Website performance baseline. If you are using Site24x7 you already have this information. If you are new, sign-up for a free trial a

IT Best Practices: Aligning IT, Marketing & Line of Business Operations

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There is no question about it. Marketing, big data and IT are joining forces in 2014, and roles, ownership, and responsibilities are crossing functional lines this year.  Here are some recent industry stats that illustrate this trend:

  • 9 of the top 10 highest paying IT salaries are for languages, databases, and skills related to big data (Source: Dice).
  • 25% of large global organizations will have appointed a chief data officer (CDO) by the end of the year (Source: Gartner). CDOs tend to be more on the marketing and sales side, thus CIOs are less likely to fill these new roles.
  • As marketing success is powered by technology, more chief marketing officers (CMOs) are striving to emerge as the key IT decision makers &

Are your systems and network monitoring solutions insured?

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You might be wondering “Does anyone consider insuring their on-premise monitoring solutions?” By insurance, we mean is there a backup plan in case your on-premise monitoring solution breaks down? Of course every IT initiative usually has a back up plan, but what about considering a backup plan for the system and tools in place that are designed to prevent having to use your backup plan in the first place? Join us as we tackle these questions below.

In today’s IT world, there are tons of products out there that monitor the status of websites, servers, applications running on them, and resources behind the firewall. With so many different solutions available, it’s sometimes chaotic …

Troubleshooting Web performance problems checklist

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It is a fact of life – Website technical glitches happen. Most recently we saw that several retailers experienced severe Websites outages and glitches this past Holiday shopping Season. From Australia [AS1] #1 retailer Myer Website outages that lasted almost one week to CVS mobile Website hiccups, to Belk Website slowdown on Thanksgiving and Black Friday to Walmart outage on Cyber Tuesday, many retailers run into issues that hurt sales, brand and revenue. Get the full scoop in our 2013 Holiday recap blog.


Unfortunately, problems can happen anywhere: in your datacenter, in your cloud providers, on your virtualized resources or in your application code.

Here is a quick questionnaire to help you guid…