Thank You for being a Valuable Customer! Now Win an Amazon Gift Card

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This Holiday, double your celebrations by taking part in our Thanksgiving Contest. All you need to do, post 3 reasons why you like Site24x7 and you might be the lucky one to win an Amazon gift card worth $100!

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Contest Rules

  • Participants need to post three reasons for liking Site24x7 on their Twitter / Facebook / Google+ walls with the tags #Site24x7 and #Thanksgiving
  • Don’t forget to follow our Facebook / Twitter / Google+ handles after posting, so that we can contact you for further clarifications
  • Winner selection criteria: The best post and the customers who have been with us for the longest and shortest durations as per our records chosen by our team will each be awarded an Amazon gift ca

Measure end-user satisfaction with Apdex

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Now that IT is becoming a metric-driven organization –and your success is measured in terms of user satisfaction with IT core business processes and service levels, you should add Apdex to the list of IT metrics and actionable measures you track and report on. With Site24x7 Apdex – an industry standard for measuring the satisfaction of a user of an application or service, you can understand how your applications are performing from your users’ perspective. Think of Apdex as a simplified Service Level Agreement monitoring tool that gives you clear insight into how satisfied your users are with your Web apps: “Satisfied”, “Tolerating” or “Frustrated”. “Satisfied” means respo…

Common Firewall Issues in the Datacenter and How to Resolve Them

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Firewalls are a vital component of securing your networks, however they often are a challenge to configure even for the most experienced server administrators. This is why datacenter professionals need to be able to follow best practices for server operations while also being able to effectively handle firewall issues as they come up. As discussed in an article from Site24x7, having your servers operating at optimal performance is crucial to the success of any project.

Computer Network

Since tuning your server can occasionally result in conflicts with your firewalls, this guide is designed to help resolve common issues which can come up in the field.

Solving Connectivity Issues


On many Windows systems, you can us…

Before you migrate to the Cloud Know What you need

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For software development companies today, moving from desktop to hosted software is becoming the de-facto standard for many developers. Although some legacy applications can be placed on servers and accessed remotely with ease, other applications require a bit more work. Fortunately by considering a few points, you can ensure that your cloud transition goes through without issue.

Cloud computing

Managing Existing Infrastructure

One of the benefits of using SaaS services is that it allows your business to streamline the way customers access their applications, it requires a significant investment in quality equipment to ensure you can handle the load. Rather than blindly adding in new equipment to your server clust…

Are You Protected from BadUSB?

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Security in the data center already is a challenging aspect for many professionals to juggle. Aside from constantly dealing with digital threats, system administrators also need to ensure their systems are protected from physical attacks. In fact inside attacks often do more damage than outside attacks because they are harder to spot and the attacker often is a trusted party who has enhanced access to the systems in question.


A new piece of malware known as BadUSB allows a determined attacker to reprogram virtually any USB device to perform malicious actions such as: emulating a keyboard and issuing commands on behalf of the logged-in user; spoof a network card to change the DNS settings and redirect traffi…